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The Fear of Sex

By Dr. Laurie Betito

Dear Dr. Laurie,

I am a 54 year old woman who used to have a pretty active sex life. Lately I find myself avoiding sex because I am finding it uncomfortable and even painful. To add to that, I don’t feel the same pleasure I once did. Is this an age thing or could something else be going on? I haven’t seen a doctor in years and I’m embarrassed to discuss my sex life with him. What can I do?


Dear Kate,

First let me reassure you that there is help for this and that your sex life can get back on track. At 54 I am assuming you are menopausal, and with menopause comes all sorts of changes such as vaginal atrophy (dryness, itchiness of the vagina). The tissues in the vagina get thinner as we age due to the lack of estrogen production. This can lead to thinning and cracking of the lining of the vagina which in turn leads to pain with intercourse. It stands to reason that if you feel pain with intercourse you will avoid it.

Another consequence of the loss of estrogen is the loss of some genital sensation. So, yes, it’s true that you will not necessarily feel the exact same especially if the exact same stimulation is used. Here are a couple of tips for you: See your doctor and discuss a prescription for a vaginal hormone treatment to restore the moisture in your vagina. If you would prefer a non-hormonal alternative, one that I know of is Gynetrof which is available over the counter. Also when you engage in intercourse, please make sure to use an over the counter lubricant (like KY Liquid or Astroglide — although there are many other equally great options). To help with increasing sensation, explore the use of a sex toy (vibrator) which you can use as a clitoral stimulator with or without your partner.

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Dr. Laurie Betito is the host of Passion on CJAD 800 weeknights at 10 p.m. She is also the president of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec, and the author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50: The Complete Guide to Sexual Love for Mature Couples. Dr. Laurie also maintains a private practice with an office on the West Island and one in NDG. She can be reached at or at 514 984-5910.

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