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elaine carsley

Elaine Carsley

Throughout her career, Elaine has maintained a pipeline into academia. She is a part-time faculty lecturer at two of Montreal’s most esteemed institutions, McGill University and Concordia University, and her doctoral research focuses on the media’s role in American presidential campaigning. She has served as a policy advisor to international companies, local, state and federal governments, authored various white papers, columns and publications, and collaborated with prominent North American think-tanks.

collegial. is an admissions advisory firm that measures success in its ability to help students and families find their right college experience, and is, in many ways, an aggregated version of Elaine’s entire career. It features her best skills- writing, strategizing, listening, counselling- and offers students and families a balanced approach to attacking their college applications, with a dedicated emphasis on self-advocacy.

Since its founding in 2012, collegial. has been enormously successful in helping students get admitted to their top choice colleges while, importantly, limiting the stress and anxiety that accompanies the process.

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