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Re: CSL council passes tough anti Vélo-Québec resolution

I am writing to comment on an article that appeared in the January 9 edition of The Suburban entitled CSL council passes tough anti Vélo-Québec resolution.

The article reports that, “Côte St. Luc council passed a tough resolution, calling on the island-wide agglomeration ‘not to support Vélo Québec with funding and free in-kind support, until… all event participants on the island of Montreal are invited to raise funds for charities via their participation in the events.’ ”

It goes on to report that, “The resolution was proposed by Councillor Mike Cohen, and inspired by charity activist Murray Levine’s long-time advocacy for the Annual Tour de l’Île cycling event to also be a charity event.”

I recall Mr Levine showing up at a number of Westmount council meetings over the years, trying to convince the mayor and council to ban the popular one-day annual cycling event in Westmount with, as of yet, no success.

For nine years I participated in the MS Bike Tour, one of the many charity cycling tours expertly organized by… Vélo Québec. If people want to do some fundraising while cycling, there are many opportunities out there.

The Suburban article even reports that Vélo Québec’s position as told to Gazette in a 2015 interview, is that “the Tour has its own mission, which is to promote free and safe cycling. Individuals are free to get sponsors and money for a charity of their choice. We do offer preferential rates for organizations who want to sign up a group to raise money for a cause. Our cause is cycling.”

Kudos to the one councillor, Dida Berku, who voted against the resolution. As she states in the article, “The event causes a little inconvenience, but many people enjoy it.”

Patricia Dumais


Abuse of Privilege in Westmount

Does the Mayor of Westmount deserve a 54.8% increase in pay?

This is what Westmount City council is proposing. They want to raise the pay of the Mayor from $43,934 to $68,000. This is a whopping big increase, if you ask me.

Although the Mayor may deserve fair remuneration, one must ask why there have not been adequate increases in the past? Did no one on council ever consider the subject? Were they previously sleeping, or merely frugal?

This is why I humbly believe that a 54.8% increase in one broad stroke is NOT indicated. If the matter had not been considered by previous councils, in these times of tight budget allocations should this council unleash such a massive remuneration increase?

Largess and abuse of privilege have no place in local governance.

Jack Locke

Attachment: Westmount Draft By-law Respecting the Remuneration of Elected Officials


Signage finally moved – Thank you!

Just a note to thank the Ministère du Transport du Québec (MTQ) for finally moving the “Closed Road” signage that had been placed on the west sidewalk of Greene Avenue just below Dorchester. I had made the request at the last Comité Bon Voisinage Meeting on December 12 and this week I noticed that the signage had finally been moved.

Many pedestrians where inconvenienced by the signage which blocked the sidewalk for months, forcing them to either walk on the slippery grass of the office building or onto Greene Avenue in the way of traffic. It is my hope that from now on the MTQ will make pedestrian safety a priority.

Patricia Dumais

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