Escada fashion show at the Hillside

Hillside Tennis Club Holds Escada’s New Pre-Fall Collection

By Nadine Hennelly

Hillside Tennis Club, located just outside of Westmount’s city limits, is a beautiful oasis where you can enjoy a game of tennis or a dip in the clubs’​ outdoor pool.  Surrounded by a dense planting of very large trees, the courts remain hidden from the surrounding area. The club will be celebrating it’s 90th anniversary in June this year.

On a recent sunny and crisp spring day, a gathering of lovely ladies descended upon Hillside for their annual Ladies Lunch and Fashion Show. All in attendance wore light, bright colours in anticipation of the promise of the warm season ahead. The group gathered to enjoy a private showing of ​Escada’s new Pre-Fall 2015 collection. Select members of the club were chosen as models and donned fabulous Escada outfits that they had personally chosen from the luxury brand’s downtown store.

Newly elected president of the Hillside Tennis Club, Gael Fraser-Tytler, opened the fashion show and was joined by fellow club members Jelena Neylan, Kathryn Lund, Krista Ouelette, and Julie Bedard. Other elegant and classically attired Westmount residents in attendance were Jeanne Saunders, Katherine Pourcelet, Ann Baril, Sharon Rundle, Hilary Radley, Diane Deruchie, Nicky Rolland, Catherine Forbes, Olga Shevchenko, Jasmin Uhthoff and Westmount city councillors Rosalind Davis and Nicole Forbes. A fun time was had by all.

Watch the accompanying video to see which fashions the models enjoyed wearing most, as well as what the upcoming trends from Escada will be for fall 2015.

photo: Nadine Hennelly

Nadine Hennelly worked and lived all over the world. A former committee member of the Musée des Beaux Arts de Montreal, she was also on the Committees for the NYC Ballet, The Whitney Museum, The Bachelor’s Ball, Knock out and The Kitchen in New York City. She also contributed her creative talents to The Alzheimer’s Group, la Fondation Les Petits Rois, and Le Garde Manger pour Tous. She can be reached at

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