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Playlists of memorable short films courtesy of the Ciné Gael Montréal Irish Film Series


Due to COVID-19, Ciné Gael, Montreal’s Irish Film Festival, has had to postpone its March 28 screening of Irish Short Films.

In the meantime, we have assembled two playlists on YouTube of Irish Short Films, all very “Corona binge-worthy”. The first playlist has 38 films for all ages. The second playlist is culled from the first so that you can comfortably sit your children and grandchildren down and let them work through the list. (One minor word of warning: the final film on the children’s playlist ends on a dark, albeit humorous, note.)

Thanks to Heather Macdougall and Kester Dyer for their shorts programming skills over the years, which has led to the creation of these great playlists.

Long time devotees of Ciné Gael Short Films Evenings will find many familiar and memorable shorts. Enjoy!

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Ciné Gael playlist 1 -

Playlist 1

38 short films for all ages including:

Uisce Beatha (Whiskey / Water Of Life), multi-award-winning Irish Titanic short – 8:08 min

Pitch N Putt with Beckett and Joyce – 2:38 min

My Ireland – 11:48 min

The Nation Holds Its Breath – 20:13 min

Boogaloo and Graham, Oscar-nominated short – 14:36 min

Cine Gael shorts -

Uisce Beatha

Undressing My Mother – 5:31 min

Mister Heaney a Wee Portrait – 5:01 min

Unspoken, award-winning short – 6:07 min

Leitronium – 5:01 min

Love Knows No Border, RHINOS – awarded Short – 14:01 min

Cine Gael shorts -

Mister Heaney a Wee Portrait

Agricultural Report – 2:27 min

After You – 7:01 min

Useless Dog – 5:12 min

Living with Alzheimers –  3:31 min

Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom – 13:21 min

Cine Gael shorts -


Fluent Dysphasia – 15:59 min

Fifty Percent Grey – 3:04 min

Hidden Potential, award-winning short – 11:08

Buskers – 13:36 min

Rúbaí – 11:38 min

Cine Gael shorts -

Love Knows No Border

Jellybaby – 10:22 min

Uncle Bill’s Barrel – 9:59 min

Porcelain Revised Score – 3:02 min

Bye Bye Now – 15:11 min

The Making of Between The Canals – 12:02 min

Cine Gael shorts -

Hidden Potential

New Boy – 11:33 min

Goodbye to Glocamorra – 20:27 min

Give Up Yer Aul Sins – Oscar-nominated short – 4:20 min

Teeth – 2:08 min

The Wednesdays – 13:44 min

Cine Gael shorts -

Father And Daughter

Free Chips Forever! – 11:11 min

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty – 6:01 min

Ryan – 13:58 min

Father and Daughter, Oscar winner – 8:32

Uncle Bob’s Hospital Visit – 14:14

Negative Space, Oscar-nominated stop-motion animation – 5:31 min

Cine Gael shorts -

Negative Space

Ciné Gael playlist 2 - WestmountMag.caPlaylist 2

21 child-friendly shorts selected from Playlist 1.






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