Lisa Mintz awarded the medal of the National Assembly

The environmental activist is acknowledged for her role in the creation of Montreal’s 7th grand parc

By Patricia Dumais

July 7, 2022

On June 29, Member of National Assembly Kathleen Weil presented Lisa Mintz, founder of Sauvons la falaise! and director of UrbaNature Education, with the medal of the National Assembly for her part in creating the 7th grand parc in Montreal.

Several articles have depicted Mintz’s efforts at preserving the Falaise St-Jacques as well as her UrbaNature Education initiative. Kathleen Weil has been working on the Dalle parc and other provincial aspects of the Falaise park for many years.

I feel honoured to be the recipient of this medal, and I have to tell you, without all the press coverage, this would never have happened!

– Lisa Mintz, founder of Sauvons la falaise! and director of UrbaNature Education

Here is a link to a letter (in French) from the Minister of Transport supporting the Dalle parc project and insisting that the City of Montreal step up now to create this promised park. The letter is public and can be shared.

Here is a bilingual video of the awards ceremony, by Patrick Barnard.

Feature image: Lisa Mintz (centre) meeting with 2021 municipal candidates • by Lianne Barnes

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Patricia Dumais -

Patricia Dumais is co-editor of and a nature enthusiast. Having grown up near a wetland that was lost to urban development, she recognizes the importance and benefits of conserving urban green space.

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