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eco-territory clean-up!

Sauvons la Falaise! invites the public to help maintain this urban nature oasis

April 20, 2021

Sauvons la Falaise!, a committee of NDG, Westmount, Montreal West, Lachine, Lasalle and Sud-Ouest residents, will be hosting the annual clean-up project in the Falaise Saint-Jacques on Sunday, April 25, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Support and solidarity towards the Falaise are what we need, to preserve and plant more trees in our urban green spaces, not destroy them.

Malcolm McRae, Chairperson, Sauvons la Falaise!

The objective is to maintain this oasis of nature while the City of Montreal moves to make the space an official nature park. Additionally, the group aims to pressure the city to set a completion date and budget for the future development of the Dalle-Parc land bridge to hold the project accountable.

Falaise Saint-Jacques clean-up Back in 2018, plans to redevelop the Turcot interchange came with a promise to replant and add to the city’s green belt, involving the Falaise Saint-Jacques. The project initially included a wetland south of the Falaise and added green space that would connect the Montreal boroughs divided by Autoroute 20.

In January of 2021, the Ministère des Transports (MTQ) began work, tearing down between 500 and 700 trees, leaving a long dry ditch in its place. Currently, there is no set commitment towards the protection of 10 ha of wetland of the Falaise or its ecosystem by the city.

“We hope that the City of Montreal will recognize the damage that was done to this eco-territory and support its transition to becoming an official nature park, to enhance the legal protection of the natural habitat and landscape,” says Sauvons la Falaise! committee member Malcolm McRae. “Support and solidarity towards the Falaise are what we need, to preserve and plant more trees in our urban green spaces, not destroy them.”

Due to COVID-19, the event will be organized with scheduled time blocks and additional masks, gloves and other equipment will be provided to participants onsite to ensure their safety.

Please use this link to reserve your presence at the event.

For more information:
Malcolm McRae, Chairperson, Sauvons la Falaise!
514 568-9912

Images: courtesy of Sauvons la Falaise!

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Sauvons la Falaise! logoThe Falaise Saint-Jacques is located just south of Saint-Jacques Street, stretching 4 km from the Montreal West Interchange to Decarie Blvd. The Sauvons la Falaise! group, consisting of 700 members and founded in 2015 by environmentalist Lisa Mintz, is now run by a committee. Its mission is to protect and maintain the Saint-Jacques Escarpment Eco-territory, along with contributing to the restoration of a nature park, and to lobby for the Dalle-Parc land bridge as presented in the Turcot Interchange reconstruction plans.

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