Tour des Arts celebrates
35 remarkable years

Thirty-five summers of live art, discoveries and creative workshops in the heart of the Eastern Townships

June 27, 2024

Tour des Arts celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, bringing a unique artistic vibrancy to Quebec’s Eastern Townships. This annual cultural event, now an institution in the region, invites art and nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the local creative world.

35 artists and artisans will open their doors to the public to mark thise 35th anniversary.

Francine Denault - Tour des Arts 13 - 21 juillet 2024 Sutton

Francine Denault – Tour des Arts

From July 13 to 21, 2024, the winding and picturesque roads connecting Sutton, Brome Lake, and Mansonville will adorn the Tour’s iconic signs, guiding visitors to a mosaic of artists’ studios. This year, echoing its anniversary, the Tour will welcome 35 artists and artisans, each throwing open the doors to their creative universe. Tour des Arts offers a rare opportunity to meet creators in their work environment. Art enthusiasts can discover the very essence of creation, observe the techniques used, and understand the inspirations that drive each artist. From painting to sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, and textile arts, the diversity of disciplines represented promises a rich and varied experience.

An artistic journey in a picturesque region

Peter Raymond - Tour des Arts 13 - 21 juillet 2024 Sutton

Peter Raymond – Tour des Arts

Beyond its artistic dimension, the Tour des Arts is also a celebration of the region located in the heart of the Eastern Townships, renowned for its enchanting landscapes and rural charm. The Tour invites you to explore its bucolic scenery, discover its charming villages, taste local cuisine, and extend your experience by staying in a local bed and breakfast, fully savouring the region’s unique atmosphere. From Sutton to Knowlton, passing through Abercorn, Mansonville, Brome, Brome Lake, West Bolton, and East Bolton, the unique artistic route winds through a necklace of picturesque municipalities, each adding its distinctive touch to the overall experience. These villages, nestled between verdant hills and shimmering bodies of water, offer a perfect setting for artists’ studios

Tour des Arts: A cultural odyssey in nature

Gisèle Dallaire - Tour des Arts 13 - 21 juillet 2024 Sutton

Gisèle Dallaire – Tour des Arts

Along the winding roads, art lovers will discover not only the talent of local creators but also the striking beauty of the region, each turn revealing a new panorama: here a field undulating in the breeze, there a woodland with changing colours, further on a lake glistening in the sun. This symbiosis between art and nature makes Tour des Arts much more than a simple exhibition. It’s a total immersion in a territory where human creativity harmonizes perfectly with the natural splendour of the Eastern Townships. The journey becomes a sensory experience, blending visual art with the landscape’s ever-changing canvas, creating lasting memories for visitors.

‘Tour des Arts offers a rare opportunity to meet creators in their work environment.’

Vania Volborth - Tour des Arts 13 - 21 juillet 2024 SuttonPeter

Vania Volborth – Tour des Arts

Tour des Arts doesn’t just present works by artists and artisans; it offers a glimpse into their creative process. Each day, artist demonstrations will allow the public to grasp the complexity and beauty of their art, creating privileged moments, a unique connection between artist and visitor, which demystifies the artistic process and often sparks new passions. These intimate interactions provide visitors with a rare opportunity to engage directly with creators, fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts. The schedules for these demonstrations are available in the Tour des Arts official brochure.

The Arts Sutton Contemporary Art Centre

Anne Françoise Wauthy - Tour des Arts 13 - 21 juillet 2024 Sutton

Anne Françoise Wauthy – Tour des Arts

Located in the heart of Sutton village, the Arts Sutton Contemporary Art Centre, at 7 Academy Street, will once again be the starting point and collective showcase for the Tour des Arts, hosting the group exhibition. This exhibition, from July 11 to 21, 2024, will offer visitors a preview of works by each of the 35 participating artists, a unique opportunity for the public to discover the diversity and quality of creations before setting out to explore individual studios.

Opening Reception

The opening reception, Thursday, July 12, from 5 to 7 PM, will mark the festive kick-off of the Tour des Arts, a moment for artists, art lovers, and visitors to meet in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere. In addition to hosting the exhibition, Arts Sutton will be the information point for the Tour des Arts.

Visitors can obtain information, maps, and advice there to plan their route through the various studios in the region. This synergy between Arts Sutton and the Tour des Arts reinforces the cultural impact of the event and its anchoring in the local artistic community.

Pina Macku - Tour des Arts 13 - 21 juillet 2024 Sutton

Pina Macku – Tour des Arts

Through its central role in this event, Arts Sutton helps strengthen the connection between artists and the public, while showcasing the artistic richness of the region. This collaboration underlines the importance of this cultural space in promoting and disseminating contemporary art in the Eastern Townships.

An Interactive Artistic Experience

Each artist will offer a daily demonstration of their technique, allowing visitors to better understand the creative process. The schedules for these demonstrations will be available in the official brochure.

Beyond art: A regional experience

The Tour is part of a broader tourism offering. The region offers a variety of restaurants, ranging from casual to gourmet, evening performances, and numerous accommodation options, including local bed and breakfasts available in the area.

For more information, visitors can consult the official brochure and the region’s tourist offices:

Sutton Tourist Office • 1 800 565-8455
Potton Tourist Office • 450 292-4403
Brome Lake Tourist Office • 450 243-1221

35th Edition of Tour Des Arts

From July 13 to 21, 2024

For its 35th edition, Tour des Arts promises to be a memorable celebration of local art and culture, offering an invitation to dive into a world where art is not only observed but lived and felt, in the heart of one of Quebec’s most picturesque regions.

Visitors can obtain the detailed Tour des Arts brochure at local tourist offices and businesses, or by downloading it.

Images: Courtesy of Tour des Arts

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Tour des Arts is an annual cultural event in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. It offers visitors an immersive experience in local art. For nine days, local artists and artisans open their studios to the public, showcasing a variety of artistic disciplines in a picturesque setting.


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