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January live entertainment listings are few but worthwhile

By Byron Toben

January 12, 2023

COVID and its progeny have abated – maybe. Cold weather has warmed up a little, but intermittently. Inflation has affected ticket prices as well as food and much else.

Most venues have announced fuller schedules – in March, April and May. Still, there are some live goodies to be found, both in Montreal and further afield in Quebec.

Here are some, listed by opening dates:

Until January 15

Myth of the Ostrich

A d² guest production at the Segal Centre studio. The unusual title of this “knockout” comedy farce alone makes it worth a gander. d² independent theatre productions have a knack for mounting timely or meaningful shows, some overlooked for another look-see.

This one, a laugh-getter, seems like a good icebreaker to open the 2023 season. Directed under the steady hand of Dale Hayes, it features Leigh Ann Taylor, Helena Levitt and Julie Barbeau. Set in the home of one of these three moms, a writer specializing in do-it-yourself books is visited by the other two with opinions on her latest book, which may have unwanted effects on their children. Hard to believe that this plot line leads to “knee-slapping” humour, as other critics have described it, but it does. All performances are at 7:30 pm except for the Sunday matinee at 2 pm.

January 27 to May 5

Róise & Frank

The opening night film at the 31st annual Cine Gael Montreal Film Series. This series, unlike many film festivals that last about 7 to 10 consecutive days, is spread out overall several months. Its 2021 run was cut short by the pandemic, and its 2022 run was limited to streamed selections.

For 2023, the live screenings return. In addition to the opener above, there are two screenings in February, two in March, two in April and the closer on May 5. All in all, eight screenings at which seven full-length films are scheduled, plus the ever-popular evening of Irish short films on April 5. These are all on Friday evenings at 7:15 at the Cinema De Sève within downtown Concordia University. The cost for individual screenings is $12, or for a seasonal pass for all, $75.

Just as the famous billboard ad in New York proclaimed “You don’t to be Jewish to love Levy’s rye bread”, so you don’t have to be Irish to love Cine Gael films, many of which do not get commercial release in Quebec, mores’ the pity.

… and further afield…

Until January 15

Continuing at Hudson Village Theatre daily until January 15, the annual Christmas time pantomime, called this year, Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back, written and directed by John Sheridan.

January 18

A film screening at Theatre Lac Brome (in Knowlton) Cine Club, on January 18, the Palme d’Or winner Sans Filtre in English with French subtitles. Only $10 •

Featured image: Sans filtre- Triangle of Sadness

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Byron Toben, a past president of The Montreal Press Club, has been’s theatre reviewer since July 2015. Previously, he wrote for since terminated web sites Rover Arts and Charlebois Post, print weekly The Downtowner and print monthly The Senior Times. He also is an expert consultant on U.S. work permits for Canadians.

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