12th edition of the
Festival TransAmériques

Ever and always the trailblazers, the creators of the FTA bring out brilliance and beauty

Endowed with an incredible faculty for invention in line with that of valiant engineers and scientists, the choreographers, playwrights and directors featured in this 12th edition of the Festival TransAmériques explore new paths full of promise, investing the most unexpected elements with light and beauty.

Until June 7, Montrealers will be able to appreciate and savour the creative flair of artists from a dozen countries in the 25 dance and theatre shows selected by artistic director Martin Faucher, including 9 works co-produced by the FTA, 9 new pieces and 9 North American premières, all of it presented in 17 different venues.

Until June 7, Montrealers will be able to appreciate and savour the creative flair of artists from a dozen countries in the 25 dance and theatre shows

With some artists returning to Montreal to enchant festivalgoers, others will be coming to the FTA for the very first time. From the opening show, an exciting discovery awaits Festival audiences with 6 & 9 by Tao Ye, an iconic figure in contemporary dance in China. In the days to follow, artists from other countries will be performing for the first time in Montreal: Greek choreographer and performer Euripides Laskaridis (Titans, an international FTA co-production), the Belgian artist Sarah Vanhee (Oblivion), the Swedish choreographer Jefta van Dinther (Dark Field Analysis), the Iranian-French performer Gurshad Shaheman (Pourama pourama), and the Icelandic artists Valdimar Jóhannsson and Erna Ómarsdóttir, collaborating with the American visual artist Matthew Barney (the film Union of the North). The Brazilian director Rodrigo Portella’s vigorous play (Tom na Fazenda) is an adaptation of the Michel Marc Bouchard masterpiece Tom at the Farm.

Kings of War - Shakespeare + Ivo van Hove – WestmountMag.ca

Kings of War – Shakespeare + Ivo van Hove

As for returning artists, many festivalgoers are champing at the bit, eager to renew contact with the spectacular work of director Ivo van Hove and the actors from the Toneelgroep Amsterdam, who will be presenting his new Shakespearean trilogy, Kings of War. Another returnee is the dazzling choreographer Crystal Pite and a new piece with her accomplice Jonathon Young Betroffenheit, the closing performance. Also back are two renowned choreographers on the contemporary international scene, Meg Stuart (Until Our Hearts Stop) and the South African Robyn Orlin (And So You See…), not to mention the Mexican writer and director Gabino Rodríguez (Tijuana) and the remarkable French theatre artist Philippe Quesne. The latter will be arriving in Montreal with seven giant moles and two shows, La nuit des taupes and La parade des taupes, an idiosyncratic stroll through public spaces.

Betroffenheit - Crystal Pite + Jonathon Young - Kidd Pivot + Electric Company Theatre, Vancouver – WestmountMag.ca

Betroffenheit – Crystal Pite + Jonathon Young

As always, Quebec artists have pride of place at the FTA. Pioneering veterans, the choreographers Paul-André Fortier (Solo 70), Benoît Lachambre (Fluid Grounds, cocreated with Sophie Corriveau) and Daniel Léveillé (Sadness Quartet), as well as the dynamic theatre artists Evelyne de la Chenelière and Marie Brassard (La vie utile), will present their most recent works. Other Quebec artists will also be featured at FTA 2018: Jean-Sébastien Lourdais (Bleu), J-F Nadeau and Stéfan Boucher (Nos ghettos), and Anne Thériault (Récital, presented at St. James United Church). The Canadian choreographer of Cree and Ojibwe heritage Lara Kramer will present two new works: the exhibit Phantom Stills & Vibrations and the performance piece Windigo. The Festival also includes Non finito by Système Kangourou and Autour du Lactume by Réjean Ducharme and Martin Faucher.

Opening Show

6 & 9  – Tao Ye
TAO Dance Theater, Beijing
May 23 to 25, Place des Arts – Théâtre Jean-Duceppe

Meditative and minimalist, 6 and 9 pay tribute to the potential and perseverance of the human body. Masterpieces of abstract beauty. Entrancing, hypnotic rituals.

Closing Show

Betroffenheit – Crystal Pite + Jonathon Young
Kidd Pivot + Electric Company Theatre, Vancouver
June 5 to 7, Centre Pierre-Péladeau – Salle Pierre-Mercure

A powerful ode to life. Betroffenheit follows the psychic struggle of a man felled by trauma. A high-voltage descent into the abyss. Presented by Havas.

Free admission to three events

Phantom Stills & Vibrations – Lara Kramer
Lara Kramer Danse, Montreal
May 10 to June 10, MAI (Montreal Arts Interculturels, 3680 Rue Jeanne-Mance)

Suppressed, invisible stories gush to the surface. A cultural genocide that continues. A work of memory essential for the future of the world. Diffusion MAI Presented in association with Festival TransAmériques.

Fluid Grounds – Benoît Lachambre + Sophie Corriveau
Par B.L.eux, Montreal
June 1 to 3, Édifice Wilder – Espace danse Atrium des Grands Ballets

A wooden floor, tons of adhesive tape. A playful, poetic act of profound resonance, Fluid Grounds is a landscape where anything is possible. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques, Codiffusion, Agora de la danse

La nuit des taupes © Martin Argyroglo

La nuit des taupes © Martin Argyroglo

La parade des taupes – Philippe Quesne
Nanterre-Amandiers – centre dramatique national
June 2, Downtown circuit starting point at Cabaret Mado

Where do moles go when they leave their burrows? How does Montreal strike their fancy? Join their parade! Co-presented by Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles.


Until Our Hearts Stop – Meg Stuart
Damaged Goods, Bruxelles + Berlin
May 25 and 26, Usine C

A belief in magic, or the loss of all illusion? An underground ceremony in a search for intimacy and new forms of contact.

Dark Field Analysis – Jefta van Dinther
Stockholm + Berlin
May 25 to 27, Théâtre Prospero

Two men meet; they dance, they sing. Men or machines? The choreographer Jefta van Dinther creates a world of shadowy beauty.

Union of the North – Matthew Barney + Valdimar Jóhannsson + Erna Ómarsdóttir
Iceland Dance Company, Reykjavík + New York
May 27 to 29, Cinémathèque québécoise

Barbarous nuptials in an Icelandic shopping centre. Written by the world-renowned contemporary artist Matthew Barney, this is performative video of disturbing brutality.

Bleu – Jean-Sébastien Lourdais
Fabrication Danse, Montreal
May 27 to 29, La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines

Plunge into the blue of a woman’s eyes. Bleu is an immersion into the states of the body in the form of a quest, a search for pure presence. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques. Codiffusion La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines

Sadness Quartet – Daniel Léveillé
Daniel Léveillé Danse, Montreal
May 30 to June 1, Espace danse, Édifice Wilder – Salle Rouge

Proud, fragile and luminous dancers. A choreographer in full mastery of his technique and his art presents a work where sadness loses its solemnity. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques. Presented by Hôtel Monville

Récital – Anne Thériault
May 30 to June 1, Le Balcon – Église unie Saint-James

An unlikely Récital for theremins played by three women searching for a lost future. Choreography for transmitting bodies imbued with ambient waves. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques

Windigo – Lara Kramer
Lara Kramer Danse, Montreal
May 31 to June 2, Espace Libre

A northern epic, Windigo resonates like a scream, a vibrant echo of the consequences of the violence perpetrated against Indigenous peoples. A post-apocalyptic ballad that exorcises demons. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques

Solo 70 – Paul-André Fortier + Étienne Lepage
Fortier Danse-Création, Montreal
June 1 to 3, Édifice Wilder, Espace danse – Espace Orange

To dance, to dance again and as before, obstinately. The choreographer Paul-André Fortier, 70 years old, is affected and shaped by a procession of pernicious muses in this unsettling “fake solo”. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques

And So You See… Our Honorable Blue Sky and Ever Enduring Sun… Can Only Be Consumed Slice by Slice… – Robyn Orlin
City Theater & Dance Group, Johannesburg
June 2 to 4, Théâtre Rouge du Conservatoire

Exuberant, baroque an entertaining, And So You See… is both scathing and enthralling. A jubilant purge, a reinvention of Africa’s relationship with the West.

Theatre Works

Kings of War – Shakespeare + Ivo van Hove
Toneelgroep Amsterdam
May 24 to 27, Théâtre Denise-Pelletier

Eight years after the sensational Roman Tragedies, Ivo van Hove returns with his incredible theatrical machine to present another Shakespearian trilogy. Truly great art.

Tijuana Gabino – Rodríguez
Lagartijas tiradas al sol, Mexico
May 24 to 27, Espace Libre

A fake moustache, a change of identity. For six months Gabino Rodríguez becomes Santiago Ramirez, a man working in a factory for five dollars a day, seeking a certain truth.

Oblivion – Sarah Vanhee
May 26 to 28, Cinquième Salle del la Place des Arts

A crazy, outrageous idea. An ocean of garbage both beautiful and monstrous, Oblivion is a year of waste turned into value. A slow celebration of things unhidden.

Pourama pourama – Gurshad Shaheman
Brussels + Marseille
May 28 to 31, Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui

In three solo pieces accompanied by a meal, Gurshad Shaheman presents an intense coming-of-age story, like a journey through treacherous rapids.

La vie utile – Evelyne de la Chenelière + Marie Brassard
ESPACE GO, Montréal
May 28 to June 1, Théâtre ESPACE GO

Past, present, future. A fascinating journey into the heart of memory awakened, a final conversation between the living and the dead. An exploration of how we come to grips with time. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques. Codiffusion ESPACE GO

Non finito – Système Kangourou,
May 29 to June 2, Théâtre Aux Écuries

How to free oneself from the weight of uncompleted projects? With her accomplice Anne-Marie Guilmaine, Claudine Robillard submits to an onstage ritual of accomplishment.

Titans – Euripides Laskaridis
OSMOSIS Performing Arts Co, Athènes
May 29 to 31, Usine C

Eccentric, iconoclastic and existential, this mythological fable freely mixes different genres. Burlesque, cosmic and poetic, Titans is unclassifiable. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques. Presented by Infopresse.

Autour du Lactume – Réjean Ducharme + Martin Faucher
June 1 to 4, La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines

Martin Faucher and Markita Boies, with childlike seriousness – mocking but unfailingly sincere – offer a declaration of affectionate, radiant love for Réjean Ducharme.

Tom na Fazenda – Michel Marc Bouchard + Rodrigo Portella
Rio de Janeiro
June 1 to 3, Maison Théâtre

Theatre of mud and blood that tarnishes and magnifies bodies. A moving illustration of the tragic grandeur of Michel Marc Bouchard’s masterpiece. Presented by Fugues

Nos ghettos – J-F Nadeau + Stéfan Boucher
La Tourbière, Montreal
June 2 to 6, Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui, Salle Jean-Claude-Germain

An astounding urban walkabout at the corner of Bélanger Street and 2nd Avenue. A blistering attack on the empty talk and pious hopes of living together in harmony. Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques

La nuit des taupes – Philippe Quesne
Nanterre-Amandiers – centre dramatique national
June 3 to 6, Usine C

A cardboard burrow, seven giant moles, a disconcerting microcosm. An improbable journey to the centre of the earth… the leaves the spectator in open-eyed wonder. Presented by La Presse+


The FTA Playgrounds transform the energy of the performances into food for thought, encouraging a meeting of minds by means of films, in-depth discussions, presentations and debates, not to mention letting loose at parties at the QG! Most Playground activities are free of charge and open to one and all.

Meet the artists
After certain performances, the artists willingly engage in meeting with members of the audience for a friendly chat. Lively dialogue is encouraged by a team of moderators from diverse backgrounds.

Get-togethers at the QG
To shed light on Kings of War, the director and the Toneelgroep Amsterdam actors will engage in a discussion with Frédéric Maurin, a specialist well versed in Ivo van Hove ‘s theatre. The artistic director of Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers Philippe Quesne looks toward future trends. As a major renovation is about to get underway, how does he see the theatre of tomorrow? Paul-André
Fortier is presenting a final opus with the company he founded in 1981 and will chat with two young choreographers, in an ambience of mutual curiosity and a desire for exchange.

Pierrot Ross-Tremblay, an Innu sociologist and professor, analyzes how colonial structures are maintained and their impact on First Nations peoples in Haunted Nation or Canadian Apartheid. The traditions and knowledge of First Peoples have the potential to influence contemporary theatre and dance. What sort of art do Native artists dream of? That question is the stimulus for the discussion First Nations Art: The Contemporary Ancestral, with moderator Émilie Monnet.

Agents and Producers – Forging Strong Links
Agents, producers and company managers will discuss artistic, ethical and financial issues of their professions, raising questions about a changing of the guard and longevity. Decoding the new Quebec Cultural Policy: As a new Quebec cultural policy is about to come into play, the CQT and the RQD dissect its major orientations to better grasp the issues at stake. The Critical Appraisal of FTA 2018 will be a discussion featuring many different voices, with critics and citizens providing lively feedback on Festival presentations.

Partys au QG + Nuits de Montréal
En fin de soirée, les festivaliers se retrouvent inévitablement au QG. Si les partys d’ouverture et de clôture (un Voyage Funktastique avec Walla P et Dr.MaD) sont incontournables, d’autres rendezvous explosifs valent le déplacement : FTA + OFFTA sous la pleine lune, avec le collectif afro-futuriste Moonshine, le Total Space Party – Bal des monstres de Wants&Needs Danse ainsi que la soirée LIP X FTA de Frankie Teardrop. Plusieurs DJ montréalais de renom viendront enflammer la poste de danse : Pat The Brat, Bamboo Hermann ou encore Afrotonik. S’ajoutent à cela six Nuits de Montréal pimentées par le DJ Rhythm & Hues, mélomane vagabond et polyvalent qui collecte des sons partout sur la planète.

From May 2 to 20, four films echoing the FTA program will be presented at the Cinémathèque québécoise: Under the Skin by Jonathan Glazer, Rhymes for Young Ghouls by Jeff Barnaby, Les glaneurs et la glaneuse by Agnès Varda and All That Jazz by Bob Fosse.

Other FTA Playground Activities
Also part of the Playground activities is the 3rd edition of the FTA Clinics, which provide artists with new tools and approaches that help enrich theatre and dance practice. The Master Classes for professional artists from Quebec will be given this year by the Mexican writer and director Gabino Rodríguez and the South African shaman and performer Albert Khoza. The Young Professionals International Rendezvous will bring together 25 young professional artists from a dozen countries for an 11-day seminar, and the Student Outreach program offers activities and excursions that allow adolescents to be actively involved in the Festival.

Discover our Playground activities by visiting fta.ca/terrains-de-jeu

Quartier général
Welcome one and all
Agora Hydro-Québec du Cœur des sciences de l’UQAM
175, ave. Président-Kennedy / metro Place-des-Arts

The Quartier général is the Festival hot spot, the place to meet artists and other festivalgoers. Join in the fun. Come and chat, drink, eat and dance!


March 20 to 28, 2018: Exclusive pre-sale of discount packages
March 29, 2018: All single tickets go on sale
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How to purchase discount packages and single tickets
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• By phone: 514 844 3822 / 1 866 984 3822
• In person: La Vitrine, FTA Official Box Office, 2, Sainte-Catherine Street East (metro Saint-Laurent)
Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 8pm; Sunday and Monday 11am to 6pm
In person, single tickets for shows presented at PDA are only on sale at PDA.Bouton S'inscrire à l'infolettre – WestmountMag.caImages : Festival TransAmériques

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An international event of contemporary creation, the Festival TransAmériques mixes disciplines and artistic currents in a unified programming. The festival allows to see and hear the representation of the art of our time, through the works of choreographers, writers and directors. fta.ca 

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