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Marketing property in winter

A beautiful home, pleasing to the eyes, wonderfully fragrant and soft to the touch, sells

By Joseph Marovitch

In summer months property shows well. It is sunny and warm out and the colours are bright, therefore the property, both inside and out, shows life, light and space. However, in the fall and winter months there are definite opportunities to create a warm and inviting environment so that buyers fall in love with the space. To present a warm and inviting home to buyers, sellers must create light, life, warmth and comfort. A buyer’s senses are key considerations when preparing the property.

What the buyers sees is important. Upon entering a home any time of year, the buyer should see cleanliness and space. However, in winter, warm inviting throw blankets on the couch and chairs in the living room are very appealing. Thick duvets on the beds create a sense of comfort for the buyer. Bowls of fruit and cookies laid out in the kitchen create an impression that buyers remember.

To present a warm and inviting home to buyers, sellers must create light, life, warmth and comfort.

Sense of smell is another factor that is an advantage to the seller. There are smells that can deter buyers but there are also smells that attract buyers and create a memory. The smell of baked cookies or muffins can create a warm feeling for the buyer and bring pleasurable memories from the past. The buyer then may associate the pleasant memories with the property.

As of October 1, 2018, Montreal residents may no longer operate wood burning fireplaces except in certain areas where either the municipality has a grandfather clause, or the municipality is separate from the city of Montreal, like Westmount for instance. Residents who are part of Montreal can operate gas fireplaces or fireplaces with reduced emissions.

The smell of wood burning in the fireplace is and was always an advantage when buyers visit a property in the colder months. If you are one of those who can still operate a wood burning fireplace, then it is always good to have the fire burning during a visit. The smell of the fire and the crackling of the wood are attractive to buyers. If you have a gas fireplace, run it. It cannot hurt. The smell of hot chocolate is also an attraction.

‘The smell of wood burning in the fireplace is and was always an advantage when buyers visit a property in the colder months.’

A beautiful home, pleasing to the eyes, wonderfully fragrant and soft to the touch, sells. Some people have a natural talent for decoration and set up. Some do not. If you are not sure and you want the property you are selling to have every advantage, either find a stager or speak to your real estate broker.

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We have a new government. The Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) has won the election. The party that says they are for an inclusive and fair Quebec for all, immediately upon winning the election, indicates they are revisiting the Charter of rights and lets everyone know for certain, that teachers, doctors, judges and more will not be able to retain their government jobs should they express their right to freedom of expression. Should a government employee wear a Yarmulka, scarf or any other clothing associated with religion, they will lose their jobs.

There are many hospital employees who do wear clothing as expression of their faith. There are many employees at the passport office who do the same. There are hundreds of doctors, nurses and teachers who express their faith in what they wear. In the same tone the CAQ wants to severely reduce the number if immigrants who wish to live in Quebec. At this time there are many companies who are based in other countries, who are not happy with the direction the CAQ wants to go in. In effect, the CAQ is immediately creating uncertainty.

Investors want to invest where there is stability. A charter of rights limiting freedom of expression and providing severe restriction on immigration creates uncertainty, instability and division. Quebec has had several years of stability and growth. The real estate market has had one of its best years ever. However, as is the case every few years in Quebec, issues are raised that cause us to take ten steps back.

However, as I have mentioned in the past, in every situation, there is an opportunity. Should the CAQ follow through on their intentions, there is a possibility the market will fall, and property prices will reduce. If this is the case, as in the last election, it will be a time to buy property at reduced prices. If the public is not pleased with government, the government will be voted out for a more liberal party and prices will rise. If the public is pleased with the current government, then prices may rise anyway. What can be, for the most part, ascertained, is that prices will fall if there initially is division and dissent.

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Joseph Marovitch has worked in the service industry for over 30 years. His first career was working with families from Westmount and surrounding areas, hosting children between the ages of 6 to 16 as the owner and director of Camp Maromac, a sports and arts sleep away summer camp established in 1968. Using the same strengths caring for the families, such as reliability, integrity, honesty and a deep sense of protecting the interests of those he is responsible to, Joseph applies this to his present real estate broker career. Should you have questions please feel free to contact Joseph Marovitch at 514 825-8771, or

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