Pause for poetry: Tamara Nazywalskyj

Three short poems

By Tamara Nazywalskyj

Night, when you visit me

This is how we’ll fall
I like this,
you like
Your tongue on my
pillow –
I’ll kiss you in both languages.
This soifness you
like sugary tart.


, salmon pink boy,
chase me up the river.
Line stuck on rock.
Mine stuck on you.
Hypermobility, I bend
you back and forth until I
eat you.

down and blue so long

My kite is red and
string fastened to my wrist.
Other hand, I left
over there, holding your pumping peach.

The wind died down a long time ago but I want for you to run.
Run yourself deep and long in the opposite direction,
throw your arms up long on n’ into the air, release!
Scream my name so long, you’re winded.
Make sure the day feels so long for me: I want you to touch my feet keeping knees straight.

put my peach back into peach

or leave me

– so long.

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Tamara Nazywalskyj is a Verdun, Montréal woman who works summers in construction, and winters in childcare in intercity schools. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from Concordia University, where she is also earning her MA. Tamara’s anglo-franco writing has been featured in not one, but two issues of Montreal Serai, and in James Lyng’s, Lives of The South-West gallery. Catch more of her on Instagram @tammram.

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