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The size of your boat doesn’t matter.

By Dr. Laurie Betito

Dear Dr Laurie,

I fear I have a small penis. Is there anything I can do to make it bigger?

First of all, let me begin by saying that the average penis size is 5 1/2 inches long in its erect state. There is a condition we call “micro penis,” but that is very rare. There really is nothing you can take or do to increase length permanently. If you are overweight your penis may appear smaller due to the fat deposits in your groin area. Losing weight will help your penis look longer.

There is one surgical procedure possible but done rarely, and that is cutting the ligaments that attach the penis so that it “drops” a few centimetres (because a part of the penis lies inside the body). However this will make no difference in its erect form. It will only appear longer in its flaccid state.

Also, please beware of snake oil salesmen who will appeal to your penile insecurities and try to sell you “enhancers.” They don’t work! And as the saying goes, “It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean that count.” It’s what you do with it and your hands and mouth that matters to your partner—not whether you are 4, 5, etc inches.

Dear Westmount Magazine readers,

It is with great pleasure that Dr. Laurie Betito will answer your sex and relationship questions.
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As a clinical psychologist with an expertise in sexuality, and with over 25 years’ experience, along with a radio show that has been on the air for over 15 years, nothing you ask her will be of any surprise. She is aware that often people feel alone, “weird,” “abnormal” or somehow sexual deficient and are too embarrassed or feel too much shame to discuss their issues with anyone.

This forum, just like her radio program, is an anonymous way to get your questions answered by a qualified professional. We also want to reassure you that no question is a “dumb” question. Like she often tell her listeners, if you have that question, then you can bet others do too.

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laurie betito

Dr. Laurie Betito is the host of Passion on CJAD 800 weeknights at 10 p.m. She is also the president of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec, and the author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50: The Complete Guide to Sexual Love for Mature Couples. Dr. Laurie also maintains a private practice with an office on the West Island and one in NDG. She can be reached at laurie@drlaurie.com or at 514 984-5910.

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