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Westmount’s Perennial Plant Exchange and Sale, a chance to spruce up your garden

By Jayme Gerbrandt, Horticulture and Arboriculture Inspector, City of Westmount

Mark your calendars! The Westmount Perennial Plant Exchange and Sale will take place, rain or shine, Thursday, May 18 in Westmount Park on the lawn in front of the Westmount Library.

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Echinacea purpurea Eccentric – Image: Leonora (Ellie) Enking via StockPholio.com

Each year this event aims to educate the public on environmental issues and horticultural best practices. In past years, the Horticultural Advisory Committee and the City of Westmount have aimed to provide residents with perennial plants that aid our local bee and butterfly population.

The 2017 Plant Exchange will continue to feature plants that are beneficial to the bees and butterflies and will also include plants that require little additional watering (xeric plants), as well as plants that thrive in shade. A list of available plants for sale is included further below.

The event will unfold as follows:

4:30 to 6 pm – Plant drop-off and voucher distribution

Plant eligibility:
• All plants must be freshly dug up with the roots preserved in well moistened soil.
• A maximum of six plants per species may be exchanged.
• Plants must be in pots and clearly labelled.
No annuals, shrubs, houseplants or goutweed!

Westmount Plant Exchange WestmountMag.ca

Asclepias tuberosa – Image: © 2009 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man)

6 pm to 6:30 pm – Exchange

Only individuals who contributed plants, hold a voucher and show a sticker will be able to participate in the exchange. Such persons may also purchase plants at this time for $2 each.

6:30 to 7:30 pm – Sale

Open to all – plants may be purchased for $2 each.

Plants for sale:

• Gaillardia grandiflora Arizona Red Shade
• Alchemilla mollis Thriller
• Geum
• Sedum acre
• Gypsophila repens
• Centaurea dealbata
• Heuchera Dolce Blackcurrent
• Hosta
• Asclepias incarnata Soulmate

• Asclepias tuberosa
• Echinacea purpurea Eccentric
• Artemisia schmidtiana
• Thymus serpyllum
• Filipendula
• Rudbeckia hirta
• Sedum forsterianum
• Perovskia atriplicifolia Blue Steel
• Sagina subulata Crispy

The proceeds of the 2017 Westmount Plant Exchange and Sale will go towards funding special horticultural initiatives throughout the City.

Compost will be available – please bring your own container.

Feature image: courtesy of City of Westmount

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